I Heart Bookstagram Tag

photo-11-3-16-4-14-18-pmWhat’s your Instagram handle? @FictionJungle

How long have you been in the Instagram community? According to my first post there, since November 30th 2015!

How many people do you follow? 652 accounts.

How many followers do you have? As of now 483 😉

What’re your favorite hashtags? Can’t say I have one, I honestly have a bunch I use for all my pictures, but I don’t really go through a particular one. I think I should, maybe I could find interesting content I’m missing out on.

What is your favorite genre of picture? Books and vintage wooden tables! Maybe with a hot or cold drink to accompany it.

How often do you post? I try to post everyday. But that’s a bit tough for me at the moment, so I’d say like 5 times a week on average?

How often do you check Instagram? Every.Single.Minute.

What’s your favorite filter? I use VSCO app to edit my pics, I normally use HB1 or Q1, the two are rather similar but one is more saturated than the other.

iPhone only, purist, or rebel? iPhone and iPod, I think part of the idea of my own Bookstagram is spontaneity, so I just use what’s at hand ie. phone or iPod.

What is the best part about being in this community? Discovering new books! The interactions with the amazing people I’ve me there and other places, photography normally lends it self to good conversations, and having the opportunity to help my favorite authors by loving and promoting books through pictures is also quite amazing.

What is the worst part about being in this community? Personally, the effort to post every day, sometimes I don’t have a picture I like enough to post, so I just remind myself that it’s okay not to post for a day.

Three favorite IG accounts currently? Just one?! No way.

Natasha @BookBaristas

Giselle @Hopelessbooklover_

Mikee @ReadWithMikee

Abby @CrimeByTheBook

Genesis @LatteNightsBooks

And the guys behind @HotDudesReading of course!

gaAnd! This is totally not part of the tag, but since we’re discussing all things Bookstagram,  I wanted to remind you guys that there’s a giveaway up on my account to win a Target Edition of EMPIRE OF STORMS by Sarah J Maas, so if you want to add that one to your collection here’s you chance! Go to the original post and enter!

You can click on the pic or enter here

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8 thoughts on “I Heart Bookstagram Tag

  1. Holly says:

    I just recently started my bookstagram account over the summer (handle: nutfreenerd) and I’ve been having so much fun taking bookish pictures and interacting with other book lovers on that platform. I definitely agree about the pressure to post every day, though. I posted really frequently over the summer, but now that the semester is in full swing I only have enough pictures to post twice or three times a week.
    Love this tag! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Estefani says:

      Yay! That’s the most important thing, having fun! I know it can be hard sometimes ugh. I think I saw your account a few days ago, following asap!


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