Top Ten Tuesday: About Blogging & Reading Habits


A couple of months ago I shared 25 Bookish Facts About Me and so I wanted to make this post a bit different, I didn’t want to repeat myself, so I’ll be alternating between a reading habit of mine and a blogging fact!

ONE. When I’m having a hard time writing my reviews, I usually format my post and write up all the quotes from the book, that way I can sort of motivate myself when I see the post almost done.

TWO. I like to pause my reading at the beginning of chapters, that way when I come back to the book I won’t have to remember where the story left off.

THREE. When writing my reviews, I normally literally ramble. I write with typos and some phrases don’t even make sense, and then I edit, and edit, and edit.

FOUR. My Kindle Paperwhite is one the best purchases I’ve ever made. We’re BFFs.

FIVE. I like writing short and concise reviews. See next point.

SIX. I like reading short and concise reviews. I just need a review to tell me whether or not I should read a certain book, a la Kirkus.

SEVEN. I’m always looking for ways I can improve the way my blog looks. I really doesn’t let me sleep at night.

EIGHT. I kind of like when I series doesn’t match. For example I have the first three Raven Cycle books in paperback and The Raven King in Hardback. But cover changes are a no no.

NINE. My favorite thing to post on my blog are book reviews. Seriously, there’s nothing better than having a review done.

TEN. I have a thing with making my own bookmarks. You know the dagger at the beginning of every chapter in the Shade of Magic books? Here, take a peek.

Feel free to share below with me some of your own reading habits! Also, I’ve been thinking about doing a 25 Non-Bookish Fact About Me post for a while, so let’s see if I manage to have that done in the next few weeks!

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14 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: About Blogging & Reading Habits

  1. Maria Casacalenda (Big City Bookworm) says:

    I definitely do the same as you when it comes to not being able to write a review right away. I’ll format the whole post with all of the book info and quotes and it sort of motivates me to just get in there and write the review! I also lose sleep trying to make my blog look pretty haha! Here is a link to my TTT if you’re interested in learning some random facts about me! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Mariela says:

    I love this list ! I do not do a lot of reviews but when I get one done in the blog it feels like a big accomplishment! hahaha
    Allyson, my friend and co-blogger, 😛 she can not rest until she has the blog looking perfect.
    I love my kindle but I can not read on it. I can’t get into books reading in my kindle.
    My TTT.

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  3. Esther says:

    I do the exact same thing when I write my reviews. The difference is that mine are too long and I have no idea how to cut them back haha I love reading both short and long reviews and when I started the blog I told myself to go for short ones, but when I start writing I remember things I want to mention so I add and add and add… and I’m basically a mess 🙂

    Yesss, do 25 facts about you. I love learning random things about people 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    • Estefani says:

      Will doo thanks Esther!! Haha I normally don’t like to read long reviews, unless it’s a friend or if I need someone to convince me to read a book

      Liked by 1 person

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