Review: Chasing Spring by R. S. Grey

27171677I thought I’d left Blackwater, Texas behind for good. I didn’t belong in the small town, but my dad wouldn’t listen. He dragged me back home in his beat-up truck and dropped a bomb along the way: Chase Matthews was moving in with us. He was the golden boy of my high school, my former best friend, and the last person I wanted sleeping across the hall. His presence was too great a reminder of the ghosts I was trying to forget.

I didn’t ask for a hero. I don’t want to be saved.

To me, Lilah Calloway meant late nights sneakin’ out, moonlit hair, and sparklers in July. She was my best friend until the day she left and I’d assumed Blackwater had seen the last of her. Then, like a tempest, she rolled back into town for the final half of senior year. The chopped hair and dark devil-may-care attitude warned most people away, but I knew if I fought hard enough, I could find the lost girl.

I didn’t want to be her hero. Some girls don’t need to be saved.

Rating: 4 Stars | Young Adult, Coming of Age



Chasing Spring marks the beginning of a new relationship between R. S. Grey’s books and I. There can be a small feeling of apprehensiveness when trying out a new author and this was not the exception for me, but as the lines of dialogue came rolling into the story, I knew it had something, that something that kept me reading.

I was instantly captivated by Lilah’s personality, or rather her way of expressing herself.  I love when a character is hard to love, when you don’t really understand their actions and certainly don’t share the same way of looking at things. She can be guarded, clever and at times a careless girl. I feel so rewarded when an author knows how to make you understand these type of characters. Not defending them, but actually knowing how to render them for the reader to understand.

“I’d been obsessed with uncovering the secrets and lies of Blackwater, Texas because I had a theory I desperately needed to prove: no one was as happy, as perfect, or as good as they were pretending to be.”

Part of Chasing Spring can be also considered a simple character study. After being struck by tragedy we can feel the character’s pains and struggles; how they were changed after the biggest event of their lives. While Lilah dealt with what make her leave Blackwater in the first place, the only way she knew how; what she thought it was the best thing for her and those around her, Chase was driven by love and understanding – it was admirable how full of hope he was, given the circumstances.

“Think about it. Does the ending even matter? Shouldn’t the middle be the happy part? It’s the biggest chunk of your life, and yet no one ever asks if two people had a happy middle. They care too much about the ending.

I’m so glad I picked up Chasing Spring. It was a novel of heartbreaking moments but also of silver linings, as life itself. It was truly wonderful and charming, and I’m super sure I’ll be picking up more of R. S. Grey’s books in the near future!

 “We have grand visions of our lives because we assume we are the center of the universe while in reality, the universe doesn’t even realize we’re there.”


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authorgreyAbout The Author

I am a lover of books, chocolate, reality TV, black labs, and cold weather. Seriously, if I had it my way I would be curled up on the couch with all of those things… everyday.

I live in Texas where I spend my free time writing and reading. My favorite authors are Mindy Kaling & Jonathan Safran Foer. I’m a comedy geek and love all things “funny”. Women like Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, and Mindy Kaling are definitely the biggest inspirations for my writing, though I think my work tends to skew a bit smuttier than theirs.

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