Top 5 Wednesday: Books With Hard Topics


As I was perusing through my Read shelf on Goodreads I wasn’t really sure I could even make it to 5 books to feature here for you today. But I, unexpectedly, ended up with 11 books, and all of them I decided to share. These novels tackle in some way or on some level those topics that are not so easy to write about.

Out of the 11 I decided to highlight just the 5; the ones that impacted me the most (Some are favorites) while reading them and have managed to stay with me in one way or another.



  1. He + She by Michelle Warren. It holds a lot of mystery, the main female character deals heavily with PTSD throughout the romance but it still manages to be a sweet and an incredibly realistic novel. 5 Stars
  2. Tampa by Alissa Nutting. One of toughest books I’ve ever read. I even contemplated DNFing it. Yes, it was that hard. But it was a brilliant novel. In it we meet Celeste Price, an English teacher, a sexual predator, with a fondness for 14 year old boys. 4 Stars
  3. Burying Water by K. A. Tucker. The main character was left for dead after an abusive relationship. With a slow moving plot, the story shows Water’s own resilience. 4 Stars
  4. Yaqui Delgado Wants To Kick Your Ass by Meg Medina. A pretty straighforward book about bullying and what it means to be Latina (The portrayal of this might be debatable). 5 Stars
  5. Jellicoe Road by Melina Marchetta. What more can I say about JR? Well for starters, it deals with death, what it means to be abandoned by a mother consumed by drugs and also grief. 5 Stars


Other Books Worth the Mention You can click on any title and it’ll take you to Goodreads so you can read each one’s synopsis.


Books With “Hard Topics” I’d like To Read


Top 5 Wednesday was created by Booktuber Lainey at Gingerreadslainey, it’s now hosted by Samantha at Toughts on Tomes and you can find other T5W-ers, the topics and guidelines on the Top 5 Wednesday Goodreads Group.

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11 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday: Books With Hard Topics

    • Estefani says:

      Sure! The Latinas in this book are represented in a very stereotypical way and ARE stereotypical, it didn’t bother me because I know those type of latinas exist, and it was a book about THOSE types of latina, and actually the book excelled at its main topic (bullying). I’m latina myself and even though I didn’t feel represented in this, I didn’t have any hesitation on giving it the 5 stars!


      • Read Diverse Books says:

        Every culture has its stereotypes, and sometimes books about stereotypical people are written. It’s a fine and tricky line to walk as an Author, though.

        Meg Medina was at The Texas Book Festival last October and I heard her talk about Latinas in Publishing. She spoke eloquently about many issues affecting Latinos in the publishing industry and spoke at length about fair representation of Latinos in literature. So I’m a little surprised she included some stereotypical characters in this novel. But as you said, some people are stereotypical. It’s a difficult subject that all about.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Estefani says:

        Aw so cool you got to see her! Yes I agree with every culture having its stereotypes. And I don’t think that including stereotypical characters in this particular novel was inherently wrong; for me it worked, somehow! I wish I could elaborate but it’s been almost two years since I read it!

        Liked by 1 person

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